Google Search Engine

As per recent statistics, about 93% of all web traffic is through a search engine, with an average person conducting 3-4 searches per day. Currently, there are numerous search engine options available in the market, however, Google tops the list by being one of the most widely used search engine across the globe.

The company has spent billions of dollars to ensure quick and accurate results without any extra effort. Google search engine is undoubtedly a powerful tool; however, internet is a vast place – with a variety of different results for the keywords you search. Google Search Engine uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand its user and provide them with the most apt results. To delve into the working of the search:

  • Web Content

Google keeps information about webpages organized in the search index, that can be defined as a library. It also helps in giving suggestions of what you might be looking for.

  • Matching your Search

Once you hit enter, the search algorithms sift through billions of webpages to provide you with the latest, most relevant results in a fraction of a second.

  • Presenting Results

Google presents its results in a number of formats depending on your keywords. It presents information in a way that it thinks you will find most useful. For instance, sometimes information is showcased as maps with directions or images and videos etc. According to statistics, Google Search Engine takes over 200 factors into consideration before delivering you with the results. These factors can be categorized into page-level factors, domain factors, site-level factors, and backlink factors. Further, due to the effective advertisement tools that Google has to offer, Google Search Engine is an optimal choice for numerous businesses. In 2018, Google Search and advertisements generated $335 billion in the United States alone. Hence, making it a major contributor to the economy.