Why is SEO Important?

When you publish content online, whether it is an article or a blog, the only way you can get views is if you rank higher on a Google search. If your story is on the 3rd or 4th page, there is a very low chance anyone will ever open it. This is where SEO comes in.

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization”, that is, you make use of certain strategies to increase the quantity as well as the quality of your user traffic. It helps you get more unpaid exposure through organic search engine ranking.

SEO is all about understanding what the people are looking for – the keywords they are using, the content that attracts the most traffic and the questions they are asking. Through this knowledge, you can deliver exactly what the clients are looking for in your service.

Search Engine Optimization can help you generate leads without having to pay hefty sums of money to software that claim to make your product famous. Today, paid advertisements, online platforms and social media offer numerous plans to advertise your products. However, if you do not have funds lying around, SEO is your best bet at getting views.

Organic rankings tend to be more credible and have shown to get more clicks as compared to their paid counterparts. Statistics show that of all searches in US, only 2.8% of the people click on paid promotional content. Also, SEO has around 20x more traffic opportunities than pay per click advertisements.

SEO is amongst the only few tools that can help you get benefits over long periods of time. If you use the right keywords and content, you traffic can continue to increase. On the contrary, online platforms have to be paid on monthly or yearly basis to keep the traffic coming. Using the right SEO tools can help you save a lot of time and money and get traffic in no time.