Importance of having a good logo for your brand

An often overlooked aspect in the creation of a brand is a good logo. Entrepreneurs work day and night to carefully curate the perfect product or service for their brand, and usually ignore the visual or marketing aspect of it. While it can be said that the logistical part of any such product or service is definitely more important than the visual side of it, the importance of having a good logo cannot be ignored.

A logo, simply defined, is a unique design that reflects the brand ideology and identity in the form of text (the logotype), imagery (the logo mark or brand mark) or a combination of both. A good example of a logotype-based design is Google’s logo.

An MIT research of 450 respondents concluded that “logos are capable of communicating and underscoring a brand’s functional benefits” that builds the argument in favor of a good and unforgettable logo design. There are numerous other benefits that highlight the importance of having a good logo for your brand, some of which are described below:

  • Brand identity

Logos are the introduction to any brand, for instance, people associate three stripes with Adidas and the bitten apple icon with Apple. A good logo serves as the identity for the brand. It tells you about the business, its products/services, its expected audience and the entire narrative that surrounds the brand. Adding to that, colors, fonts and other design elements also add a further layer to this sense of identity. This logo is then used everywhere as part of the extended identity indicating ownership to that brand.

  • Builds Brand loyalty and recognition

Adding to the previous point of brand identity, a good logo can help attract new customers. These customers will recognize your brand with the logo and soon become familiar to it. This is the reason; companies rarely change their logos because people associate positive feelings that are connected to a specific logo design. Usually, companies updating their logos are often met with general backlash because people are accustomed to the old design.

  • Memorability

A good logo is memorable. People associate brands with their logos so there is little room for mistakes. A good logo is rarely forgotten and in the time of hashtags and trending topics, it is difficult to stay in the public eye in a day or two. A logo acts as a visual trigger to a brand. Brand names can be forgotten but not a creatively designed logo.



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